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King's Oak Academy welcomes R2D2

R2D2 made a special appearance at an assembly

Posted by Lucinda Reid | September 26, 2017 | School life

A full life size working model of Star Wars famed R2D2 visited students at King’s Oak Academy. Students from Yrs 7-11, over 170 in total, had a chance to meet this famous robot.

Built by Paul Felski, the husband of Julie Felski, Head of Hercules House at King’s Oak, R2D2 was a surprise visitor at a specially convened assembly.

With contributions from King’s Oak Design & Technology Department it took Paul over nine years to build the robot. Designed from scratch the robot is made from wood, aluminium, acrylic, different types of plastic and is fully radio controlled and he even plays the Star Wars music! It is powered by rechargeable batteries installed in the head and body.

This is not Paul’s first foray into robot building. Paul has also built B9 from Lost in Space, he is 7ft tall, is interactive and speaks. Paul and Julie exhibit him at Comic Cons around the country.

Julie said, "This was a brilliant event for our students, it proves that if you set your mind on something you can achieve it with hard work and persistence. I hope our students will be inspired by Paul’s work and encourage them to think big and go for their dreams."

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