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Hayley Francis, Assistant Head, Ark Oval

A literacy success story

How Ark Academies are using Clicker to increase 'writing stamina'

Posted by Hannah Oakman | October 30, 2015 | Technology

Sally Bouwman, Lead Teacher for Dyslexia for the high-achieving Ark Schools network, tells us why she actively promotes the use of Crick Software’s Clicker 6 literacy support tool in all 19 of her primary schools.

“I have found Clicker 6 to be one of the most powerful assistive technology tools to implement in the primary setting with children experiencing reading and writing difficulties. The programme addresses a lot of key areas and is particularly effective when used to support reluctant writers and children with very weak ‘writing stamina’.

Sally explains that they initially trialled Clicker 6 at one particular school in the group – Ark Oval.

Hayley Francis is the Assistant Head; here are her thoughts on the impact Clicker has had on learning at her school:“Negative attitudes towards writing were becoming a bit of an issue at the school – Clicker 6 has really helped to change this. Once you’ve cracked that, a lot of other learning objectives become much easier for pupils.

'One of the biggest hurdles our children face is having the confidence to put their ideas on to paper. Clicker 6 enables all children to consider themselves as writers. The support features, such as the variety of Clicker Sets, predictive text and being able to hear back what they have written, enable children to extend their ideas and truly surprise themselves with what they are capable of producing.

'We use Clicker as part of in-class interventions, and also when children write up ‘finished’ pieces of work to encourage them to reflect on what they have written and identify any errors. Our teachers also use it to create word and picture banks that they print off to support children’s understanding even when they don’t have access to computers.

'Clicker has really helped our boy writers in particular. We have quite a few boys who hate writing and their ideas just seem to get lost; if you mention that they will get to use Clicker 6, they are really excited to write and the amount they produce is just amazing.

'Seeing a child struggling with writing is a horrible thing – Clicker gives them the tools they need to succeed, all on their own!

“Clicker really does make a difference. The most significant outcome we have witnessed is the increase in the children’s writing confidence and stamina. They can generate so much more work when they are not having to concentrate on their handwriting, line spacing, spelling…all those different aspects of the writing process that were holding them back. It’s so exciting for me to see someone move from producing one or two sentences a session to four, five or more, all in a relatively short space of time.

'To sum up, Clicker is a great tool that enables all pupils to work independently with a network of support at their fingertips. Get in touch with Crick Software and see it for yourself!”

You can read Sally’s success story in full on the Crick Software website. For more information about Clicker 6, visit or contact Crick Software directly to organise a free demonstration for your staff.

For more information call 01604 671691 or email


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