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Phil Reynolds

Are your school letterheads compliant with legislation?

Phil Reynolds says as registered companies, academies need to be aware of requirements for letters and websites

Posted by Stephanie Broad | November 17, 2015 | Law, finance, HR

Academies are constantly being told they are “businesses” and therefore being a registered company means that the trust should be compliant with The Companies (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 (effective from 31 Jan 2015).

Included within the regulations is the requirement for the company to display its registered name at its registered office and any other business locations. Therefore, multi-academy trusts should ensure that all schools within the trust are displaying the company name and in a position which is easily seen by any visitor to that location. Those with more than 6 locations should ensure the name is displayed for at least 15 continuous seconds once every 3 minutes!

The registered name of the company should also be disclosed on its business letters and websites. Business letters and websites should also contain the following information:

  • The part of the UK in which the company is registered (e.g. England and Wales)
  • The company’s registered number
  • The address of the company’s registered office

Furthermore, business letters which include the name of any director of that company should also disclose the name of every director in that company.

Therefore, school headed paper which includes the headteacher’s name will also need to include all other directors. Why? Because the headteacher, by virtue of being the Accounting Officer in a single-academy trust, is also a Director. 

For multi-academy trusts this can hopefully be avoided as it is likely that the CEO of the multi-academy trust is not a headteacher of any individual school and therefore does not need to be disclosed – it is more likely to be the Head of School in these instances. However, care should be taken where their name is disclosed!

A full copy of the Regulations can be found here    

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