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BESA in conversation with...Pobble

Cleo Fatoorehchi from the British Educational Suppliers Association, spoke to Anna at Pobble about their new Classroom Connection project

Posted by Lucinda Reid | April 24, 2018 | Technology

Pobble is now multi-award-winning and its catchphrase of ‘making writing ridiculously exciting’ is recognised all over the world. How did that happen? How did you find this very effective slogan?

If you’d ask Henry (one of Pobble’s founders) to explain Pobble, this is how he’d start. And, it’s true: the key to successful writing is making it exciting for teachers and pupils alike. Ridiculously exciting, in fact. We’re really proud of how Pobble is being received and how many children and teachers we’ve supported so far.

Pobble is a great platform to encourage children to write and gives them a passion for writing. What other outcomes (academic or otherwise) have you seen in children?

Pobble facilitates collaboration: pupils leave comments and assess each other’s work, and teachers share teaching ideas. Throughout the community we’ve not only seen huge rises in attainment, but also in pupils’ confidence. They absolutely love becoming published authors, because it shows them how special their work is! Knowing their families, and people all over the world will see their finished pieces gives real purpose to their efforts.

I believe you have started working with the EDUCATE project. How is that going? What are you expecting to achieve through the project?

We hear the stories all the time: Pobble has an amazing impact on children. It inspires them to write and really helps to improve writing outcomes. With the team at EDUCATE and UCL we are now working on a way to prove this in a larger, more scientific way. It’s a very exciting project.

You’ve recently launched a free Classroom Connection project for schools. How does it work?

Teachers can register their class to take part in the project throughout the summer term. We’ll provide them with everything they need to run the project, including a resource pack, connections to other schools and free access to Pobble.

Why is it important to open up pupils’ writing experiences beyond the classroom and connect with others?

Pupils love to write for a purpose! We understand that connecting with another classroom around the world can provide valuable learning opportunities. It ignites the imaginations of young writers and opens up possibilities for peer assessment. Having a pupil account encourages confidence and positivity as pupils are guided around the platform, while teachers can oversee everything that goes on.

Why should schools and academies sign up to the project? And how can they do so?

The project provides a great opportunity to try Pobble. We’ll provide you with everything you need to run your Classroom Connections project including resources and suggested activities as well as links to existing Pobble schools. This is a great project to run throughout the summer term, engage your writers and join a global network of schools and classes.

Schools can sign up here or get in touch via for more information.

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