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Blackfriars FE students 'stun' outdoor adventure instructors

The students were exploring breathtaking sights whilst on an outdoor experience challenge based at the Ullswater and Howtown Centre

Posted by Julian Owen | June 10, 2018 | School life

Students from Blackfriars FE recently joined forces with the Outward Bound Trust for a Cumbrian adventure.

A group of eight students from the College, a Special Academy based in Bucknall, stunned instructors as they explored breathtaking sights whilst on an outdoor adventure challenge based at the Ullswater and Howtown Centre.

Talking about the five adventure-packed days, Jason Jones, a teacher at the College and a participant of the trip, said: “The students blew me away with the amount they got through – and without any complaints. They smashed every target we set and every challenge was met with a smile.”

Academy staff worked alongside instructors from the Outward Bound Trust to provide students with the opportunity to develop their independence and resilience skills in an exciting and unusual environment.

Students’ teamworking skills were developed whilst they navigated their way through gorges, canoed down lakes and tunnelled through man-made caves.

Challenged to set up their own camping equipment, cook army rations by campfire, and pack and clean all of the equipment, staff and instructors were impressed by the students’ independence. But the real surprise was when a few students safely climbed four waterfalls, leaving everybody astonished and feeling proud.

Mr Jones explained: “The aim of the trip was to build students’ independence and resilience, enabling them to adapt to changes – this is something that some of our students really struggle with.

“We want to give students opportunities they wouldn’t usually have and develop their personal independence to face challenges.”

At the end of the trip, all of the very tired but happy participants were presented with an Outward Bound Experience Certificate.

Tony Martin-White, Operations Manager at the Outward Bound Trust-run centre, said: “Blackfriars staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for the students and have totally embraced the Outward Bound ethos, developing a great working relationship with our instructors.”

The Outward Bound Trust is a charity which runs adventurous and challenging outdoor learning courses, aimed at equipping young people with valuable life skills and helping them to become more confident, effective and capable at school, college and the workplace.

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