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Bournemouth students trawl their back pages

Pupils at Kingsleigh Primary have been scouring the archives as the school celebrates its 50th anniversary

Posted by Julian Owen | June 12, 2018 | School life

Kingsleigh Primary School in Bournemouth has launched an ambitious history project, in conjunction with students from the local university. The school celebrates its 50th anniversary later this year and pupils are delving back through the archives to see how life has changed.

Each year group at the school has been given a theme - ranging through food, fashion, TV and Star Wars – as pupils research how trends and habits have changed since the school was formed in 1968. Displays have been produced using pictures and objects, to be shown at the school until later this year.

The history project, 'The Happiest Days of your Life', was dreamt up by Head Teacher Richard Gower, who enlisted the help of history students at Bournemouth University.

The students have been producing a timeline showing the history of the school, and how it has developed within the community. A final part of the project involves the establishment of a website to record memories. Local people who have photographs or other memorabilia of the school are invited to submit these for inclusion on the website.

Richard said: “We are thrilled with how the pupils have approached the project. The displays are brilliant and provide a real flavour of how life has changed since the school was formed. We have even been talking to ex-Head Teachers who have given their own memories of what the school was like. Kingsleigh Primary School has changed so much, with new facilities including the fabulous sports hall and new library. We have a truly superb staff and, as a school, we are set up perfectly for the next 50 years.”

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