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Bristol Brunel Academy maintains 'Good' Ofsted grading

The academy is delighted with the grading and will continue to work towards an 'Outstanding'

Posted by Lucinda Reid | November 14, 2017 | People, policy, politics

Bristol Brunel Academy recently underwent an Ofsted inspection. Rated ‘Good’ in June 2013 the Cabot Learning Federation is pleased to announce that the academy retained its ‘Good’ categorisation. “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection”, Ofsted said.

Inspectors who visited the academy for a short inspection in October said, “They provide strong and confident leadership and a clear sense of direction and ambition. Your detailed self-evaluation accurately identifies the school’s strengths and the areas that need to improve further. You have the full support of the staff and strong leaders. A culture of ambition in the school is helping to improve standards and outcomes for pupils. Governors are well informed and provide you with a good balance of support and challenge.”

“Changes you have made to the curriculum are clearly having a positive impact on the progress that pupils make. You employ a very effective range of intervention strategies which ensure that the needs of all pupils are met.”

Ofsted went on to say, “Pupils are proud of their school and appreciate the positive impact the behaviour policy, ‘Right to Learn’, has on their progress. They are polite and respectful, wear their uniform with pride and treat each other with kindness. Pupils fully support the school’s inclusive policies and practices. The majority of parents believe that the school is well led and that their children are well taught and kept safe. The majority of current pupils make good progress in a wide range of subjects, including English and mathematics. You have reduced previous differences between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and other pupils significantly.” 

The Ofsted team recognised that we had improved significantly on our previous ‘Good’ judgement and that we are moving ever closer to becoming ‘Outstanding’ at the next inspection

In regard to safeguarding they said, “Governors and your leadership team ensure that all safeguarding arrangements are up to date, meet requirements and are fit for purpose. Records are detailed and of good quality. You and other leaders, supported by well-trained governors, teachers and other staff, have created a strong culture of safety which permeates every aspect of school life. Staff work well with parents and carers and with the local authority, when appropriate, to ensure the safety of vulnerable pupils.”

Ofsted also noted, “Staff with specific responsibilities for safeguarding take great care to ensure that they meet the needs of all pupils. This includes pupils with medical problems, pupils who join the school at times other than at the start of term, pupils from other countries who may speak little English and those at risk beyond the school. There is a strong, personalised approach which parents and pupils value.”

“You and your staff are clear about the risk pupils face from extremism and radicalisation. You, therefore, keep pupils well informed. You deal with incidents of bullying quickly and effectively. Pupils are confident in the measures the school has in place to keep them safe.”

In closing they said, “Provision for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is strong and improving. This is because of your focus on identifying and meeting their individual needs, your careful tracking of their progress and your drive to make them independent learners. You and your leadership team are ambitious to enable disadvantaged pupils to make even greater progress. As a result, you are concentrating on strategies to strengthen their aspirations further.”

Jon Jones, Principal of Bristol Brunel Academy, said, “I feel incredibly proud of the students, staff and families for the recognition highlighted in this feedback letter. The Ofsted team recognised that we had improved significantly on our previous ‘Good’ judgement and that we are moving ever closer to becoming ‘Outstanding’ at the next inspection. I want to thank every member of the academy community for their part in achieving this recognition and for their future support on our journey.”

Steve Taylor, CEO of the Cabot Learning Federation added, “I am delighted that the community served by Bristol Brunel can be so proud of its local school. The academy continues to get better and better, which is why it is so popular with pupils and their parents and carers. Well done to Jon Jones, his team and the governors for making such a difference every day.”

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