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Construction pay trends 'reflect confidence in sector'

Hudson Contract has revealed this year's winners and losers across 10 regions and 17 trades

Posted by Julian Owen | December 15, 2017 | Facilities & buildings

Hudson Contract has revealed that self-employed builders in England and Wales have seen a year-on-year increase in average weekly earnings of 3.8%, with the biggest uplift experienced by those working in the East of England.

The full national picture can be found in the Construction Pay Trends Index, which harnesses payroll data from more than 2,200 construction firms.  

The interactive tool reveals weekly pay differences by region, age and trade sectors, providing builders, construction companies, building apprentices and other industry analysts with an insight into pay levels across the country. It also reveals the impact of weather, location and economic factors on earning potential.

Across the construction trades, plumbers experienced the highest increase in earnings (9.4%), followed by those working in demolition and wrecking (8.3%) and insulation (8.2%).  Electrical (-0.1%) and steel and timber frame erection (-4.5%) saw the biggest decreases in pay.

The biggest drop in average weekly pay was experienced in Wales, which saw a 4.1% decrease in earnings, followed by a 0.3% decrease in London. Earnings for those in the West Midlands and South West remained the same year-on-year according to the figures.

Top 10 regions in terms of earning fluctuations: 

1. East of England (+3.8%)

2. East Midlands (+3.3%)

3. Yorkshire and the Humber (+2.1%)

4. North West (+1.3%)

5. South East (+1.0%)

6. North East (+0.4%)

7. South West (no change)

8. West Midlands (no change)

9. London (-0.3%)

10. Wales (-4.1%)

Ian Anfield, Managing Director at Hudson Contract, said: “It’s been a year of uncertainty in the construction industry, with the surprise General Election and the implications of Brexit remaining unclear. Weather has also put a dampener on things on a few occasions, with storm Doris back in February and heavy rainfall throughout the summer months.

“However, it is encouraging to see that on a national level, sub-contractors have experienced an uplift of 3.8% in earnings despite these factors, highlighting confidence in the sector and a positive picture overall.”

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