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Educational experience Dinosaurs in the Wild lands in London

After Dinosaurs in the Wild had a successful run in Birmingham and Manchester, the immersive and educational experience continues in London

Posted by Lucinda Reid | February 22, 2018 | Events

Dinosaurs in the Wild will be at London's Greenwich Peninsula for an extended run from 10th February until 31st July. The show is an immersive, live-action educational experience that enables teachers to take school groups of 7-11-year-olds somewhere they've never been before – 67 million years back in time to the late Cretaceous Period.

Using cutting-edge special effects and the latest discoveries in palaeontology, Dinosaurs in the Wild is specially designed to ignite pupils’ imaginations and bring science to life by putting school groups face to face with living dinosaurs.

Tim Haines, Creative Director of Dinosaurs in the Wild and award-winning producer of hit BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs, said: “With Dinosaurs in the Wild, we wanted to create an immersive experience that takes pupils back in time, using the latest technology to portray incredible details about the creatures and their surroundings. It will truly change your pupils’ understanding of how dinosaurs looked and ignite their passion for scientific discovery.”

The 70-minute adventure allows pupils to ask questions as they explore their surroundings on TimeBase 67, an extraordinary research station on the Cretaceous plains
where pupils will get the chance to travel across the Cretaceous plains, coming face to face with wild roaming dinosaurs such as the Anklyosaurus. They will also be able to observe scientists as they conduct a live autopsy of a five-metre long crested Pachycephalosaurus and see through a dinosaur’s eyes with the help of virtual reality technology

Dinosaurs in the Wild was developed with the support of more than 100 specialists and led by palaeontologist Dr Darren Naish to ensure that every detail is scientifically accurate and real to life. Over 4,500 pupils have attended Dinosaurs in the Wild in the past year, across the Birmingham and Manchester tenures.

To support teachers before and after this unique experience, Dinosaurs in the Wild is also providing free curriculum-linked resources for English and Science lessons in Key Stage 2. Teachers can download these exciting activities on the Dinosaurs in the Wild website.

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