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Find a platform for a more productive, less-stressed workday

Julien Lesaicherre, Director at Workplace by Facebook, offers some thoughts on how to use technology to relieve the stress of the school run

Posted by Julian Owen | September 13, 2018 | Health & wellbeing

The school holidays are at an end. Uniforms have been bought, stationery has been dug out and parents have established the rota for the daily school run. But for many, this time of year can prove problematic. There’s no doubt that this is a busy period for the education sector, but there can also be a knock-on effect for businesses, too.

A recent study undertaken by the University of the West of England found that many parents are catching up on emails on their daily commute, in order to make up for the time lost getting kids ready for school in the morning. We must look at how we can give as much time back to parents as possible, and how we can make efficient use of it to ensure they enjoy a positive work-life balance.

In today’s working world, a multimedia approach is needed to drive collaboration and empower workforces to take control of their schedule. People are looking for intuitive tools which maximise productivity and efficiency, such as platforms offering work chat, the ability to stream live videos, or be part of a group where learning and feedback are shared.

Flexibility in the workplace

Flexibility underpins the evolution of standard working practices. According to a poll conducted by YouGov, only 14% of the modern workforce would opt to work the usual working hours of nine to five. Employees want to work the hours that fit their lifestyle, shaped around tasks such as the school run.

Flexible working is beneficial for organisations, too. Most recently, we’ve seen PwC implement a Flexible Talent Network, an initiative designed to attract staff by allowing them to work the hours they want. Demonstrating a willingness to be so flexible will enable the organisation to attract top talent, particularly those parents who carry the required skill-set and participate in the daily school-run. For them, it can be a life changer.

For a business to truly embrace flexible working, it must remove rigid or traditional processes of information sharing and be designed to serve the needs of an agile team.

"For parents, work-life balance can go out the window, but collaborative platforms can ease the burden." 

Collaboration to improve communication 

The modern workplace is home to a range of age groups, from baby boomers to Gen Z, each with different expectations, commitments and opinions. It is therefore imperative that every employee, regardless of age or position, has a voice in the organisation, and where their views, concerns and achievements can be heard and celebrated.

For example, employees working at an airline need to be able to communicate seamlessly to not only give the customer the best experience, but to ensure an efficient and safe flight.

The only thing customers care about is ensuring they reach their destination, but collaborative technologies play a key role in even getting the plane off the ground. Multimedia platforms empower everyone from pilots to cabin crew, luggage haulers to air traffic controllers, to communicate on a single platform, enabling greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This idea of clear communication is the same for parents. Collaborative technology offers a platform for them to ‘find their tribe’. Businesses which adopt platforms like Workplace can empower their employees to connect with one another, have a voice and build relationships within the business - not just their inbox.

Sharing best practice

Similarly, schools are a space to share ideas, build relationships and work together. That’s why it’s imperative that educational institutions have the tools to help educators and staff share best practices, recognise outstanding achievements and discover new and better ways of working. It’s for reasons such as these that Workplace is involved in the Workplace for Good initiative which donates the platform to non-profit and educational institutes to give schools the platform they need to succeed in the digital age.

The start of term is a busy time for parents and the education sector alike. For parents, work-life balance can go out the window, but collaborative platforms can ease the burden. Not only do they enable them to communicate with employees in a similar position, but ensure they remain productive both at work and in everyday life, empowering them to take control of their schedule.



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