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How playing outdoors improves learning

Sponsored: Studies prove that outdoor play can really help improve learning

Posted by Ed Brown | March 07, 2018 | School life

Do you remember your childhood of playing outdoors with your friends? As soon as you finished school, you would beg your parents to let you go outdoors to play? Even at school you’d be smiling at the ring of the lunchtime bell, so you could run outside and begin a playground game.

Getting kids outdoors

Do you wonder why children today aren’t as enthusiastic about outdoor play as we were? Do you question if technology is taking a huge part of that away? Well, there have been many studies that outdoor play can really help improve learning and teach your children first hand things that technology just cannot reach.

With children, especially in the younger years, it is essential that they receive the opportunities to explore outdoor areas, to help their development.

Supporting healthy and active lifestyles

In the current era, there is a significant focus on children growing up with healthy and active lifestyles. Therefore, we find ourselves encouraging these outdoor activities and taking our children to more clubs that require physical activity and movement. Overall, the support of outdoor opportunities helps to improve our children’s sense of wellbeing, and we all want that for our children, don’t we?

As well as helping our child develop and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, being outdoors can also help our children to understand nature and the world surrounding them. After all, learning is great when you can see it in front of you, isn’t it? Seeing nature up close, means children can grasp and see for themselves animals, life cycles and of course, plants.

How canopies and walkways can help outdoor learning and play

Well, of course, this becomes more difficult when the winter months come around or indeed strong sunlight in the summer! Either it starts to pour with rain and our children begin to catch every cold around or we need to protect the children from the harmful UV rays! But, why hinder their learning just because of the weather? A covered play area will enable children to have access to the fresh air while still learning and playing outdoors.

Outdoor play is highly recommended by Ofsted, and there is even a council for learning outside the classroom. The council for learning outside the classroom suggests that anyone that takes children outdoors will see the enjoyment that it can bring, and the excitement and wonder of interacting with the outside world.

Fordingbridge offers canopies and walkways that encourage outdoor learning and play areas that make this possible whatever the weather. Find out more information, and see case studies of others that have used Fordingbridge to create canopies and walkways that are well utilised in the education sector.

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