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Information deficit on digital careers, reveals survey

Research from online training platform, Climb Academy, finds nearly nine out of ten young people feel uninformed about job prospects in the sector

Posted by Julian Owen | December 21, 2018 | Technology

84% of young people say they don’t feel there is enough information available on how to pursue a career within digital sectors, according to new research by the online training platform, Climb Academy.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 34, also revealed that nearly half of respondents [46%] felt that obtaining experience within a digital sector - such as coding or digital marketing - would improve their job opportunities. 26% felt that an understanding of digital sectors would future-proof their job roles.

The survey follows a recent report that the digital skills gap could cost the UK £141bn in GDP growth, as more and more professionals struggle to keep pace with the advancing technological landscape.

Climb Academy founder, BBC Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, said: “Despite the continued advances in technology and exponential growth in digital industries, it’s clear that we as a society simply cannot keep pace. What’s most interesting about the survey results, however, is that this skills gap evidently extends to young professionals, where the majority have confirmed they don’t feel there is enough information or support on the different career paths available through digital.

“This is somewhat alarming but, with the right careers guidance and training platforms and opportunities in place, it can be rectified.”

Mark Wright

Other findings from the research include:

 - 38% of young professionals spend in excess of 4 hours per day on their mobile device

 - 53% selected Facebook as their preferred social media channel, closely followed by Instagram [37%]

 - A quarter of young professionals say they learn best by watching video content

Wright added: “Digital industries offer a wealth of exciting career paths for young professionals, ranging from web development to cyber security. The educational sector needs to place as much importance on the promoting the benefits of these roles as they do vocational careers.

“Without a growth in digitally skilled professionals, very few members of society are going to be able to grasp and understand the tech landscape as it continues to develop and evolve, where cyber security breaches will become a paramount concern.”

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