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Robertson Group crowns Elgin Academy's 'Ideal Candidate'

A young pupil who applied for a Robertson Group work experience placement was awarded for his achievements

Posted by Lucinda Reid | June 16, 2017 | Events

The executive chairman of one of the UK’s most sustainable infrastructure firms has this week awarded the young winner of a work placement initiative – coined the Ideal Candidate Programme – in front of an audience of family and friends at Elgin Academy.

As guest speaker, Executive Chairman and Founder of Robertson Group, Bill Robertson, was delighted to honour 16-year-old Owen Webster, and other participants for “embarking on a programme that will set them up properly for what lies ahead in the real world”.

Part of the school’s annual Senior Phase Awards, 'The Ideal Candidate' category was created by the team at Robertson Group to reward S4 pupils for their efforts in completing a six week training arrangement built around the students’ current employability module.

Bill said: “Self-awareness, confidence and an understanding of employer expectations are what matter most when it comes to impressing an interviewer. Many young people get lost in the detail of an organisation, with some expecting to be grilled on things that apply to a more senior applicant. When you’re coming into any organisation at a foundation level, employers are looking for candidates to display a hunger to learn. That is what sets the go getters apart. The rest you can learn on the job.

“This programme is designed to give students the knowledge they need to prepare for that all important first impression. And it was a real honour to see so many confident participants,” added Bill.

Robertson Group advertised a placement vacancy and invited students to apply. Candidates were shortlisted, interviewed and advised of their success.

The programme saw the students consider their digital profile and the impact their online persona could have on their chances of employment. They were also given top tips for preparing for an interview as well as one to one guidance on how to create the perfect CV.

The applicants joined the team at Robertson for a week’s work experience. They were rotated around multiple departments to give them a holistic experience of what it is like to work at Robertson and what the construction industry offers young people in terms of career development.

Finally, the candidates were asked to deliver a 10-minute presentation on what they had learned from the experience.

David Barnett, Headteacher, Elgin Academy said: “We are delighted with the impact that our partnership with Robertson is having on young people, in helping them to prepare for the world of work and making them work-ready. Owen can feel very proud to be the first recipient of this new award. With several projects having been established, we look forward to the partnership going from strength to strength.”

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