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Teachers to access Codio for free

Codio supports teachers studying for the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | May 04, 2015 | Technology

Teachers embarking on the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching can now benefit from free access to the Codio cloud-based coding and content platform for the CPD and programming project elements of the Certificate. 

The BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching, developed and launched by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT is designed to help teachers develop the skills required to demonstrate proficiency and confidence in teaching Computer Science, rewarding them with a professional accreditation.

To complete the Certificate, teachers must participate in professional development. Use of the Codio platform can help with this requirement, as its inbuilt courses such as ‘An Introduction to Python’ include assessments and challenges aimed at furthering the teacher’s knowledge. 


With a further significant part of the Certificate requiring teachers to create their own computer program, the Codio platform provides the ideal environment to ensure that they can learn-by-doing, facilitating an understanding of the subject and the practical skills they need to teach it. 

Teachers working towards the Certificate can opt to receive a free Codio license granting them full access to the IDE and coding platform, course content, pre-configured software stacks and unlimited project workspace to support the practical, project-based element of the certificate. 

Codio projects can be shared with BCS e-assessors who can review code and provide feedback quickly and easily as teachers progress through the course. 

Phillip Snalune co-founder of Codio said: “To be truly proficient in teaching Computing in the classroom, teachers need the correct tools, complemented by meaningful professional development opportunities. The collaboration with BCS underlines Codio’s commitment to helping teachers gain the confidence and technical skills required to deliver excellence in the teaching of Computer Science. It also marks a significant investment and contribution to the teaching of computer science by Codio.” 

Teachers interested in registering for the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching can learn more about the Codio support at 

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