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The Dining Dilemma - help is at hand

Westcountry Group looks at the issue of feeding more children in less time in schools

Posted by Hannah Oakman | May 28, 2015 | Catering & hospitality

It’s a question faced by many schools every day: “How can we streamline our lunchtime to feed more children in less time?”

Since the arrival of the Free School Meals initiative last year, and the general increase in pupil numbers, many schools have found that they have to cater for more pupils every day, putting pressure on the whole lunchtime procedure. Lunchtimes are lengthening out which is encroaching on the school day and occupying the hall for too long each day.

In many of our schools, the hall and storage space is so limited that simply adding additional furniture often isn’t an option.  So as a result, lunchtimes, with multiple sittings, have had to become the norm, albeit with headaches! 

But, as many are asking, do we have to live with the status quo and accept current capacity limitations?  Is it possible to increase the dining capacity to get more children sitting comfortably for lunch and still save time?  The answer is yes; help is at hand.

There is a range of new of ‘smart’ dining furniture options out there in the marketplace and they’re all about space efficiency – so they’re really helping to solve schools’ dining issues.  They offer more seats and take up less space (both in-use and when stored) than traditional school dining furniture.  Quicker and easier to set up and put away, there’s options that save time and effort each week allowing school halls to be used for other activities for longer every day. 

So if your lunchtime is taking longer than you’d like, or if you need to get more students or furniture into your existing space and store then talk to Westcountry Group about the Versa range of space-efficient dining furniture, it’s the perfect answer to your need. For more information, visit

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