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Webinar: Using big data to safeguard education

Sponsored: watch this webinar to discover why safeguarding is critical to ICT management in education and the role of big data

Posted by Debbie Botham | April 26, 2018 | Technology


There are lots of different reasons why you might need to consider safeguarding in an educational institution, but how does it affect your organisation, and what are your obligations? It could be mandated via industry guidance, regulation or legislation such as the Prevent Duty in 2015. Maybe it’s more moralistic or driven by social responsibility. Whatever the motivations are, it can be a difficult subject to tackle. Especially in cyberspace, with often very technically-minded individuals as the subjects of your safeguarding responsibilities.

During this webinar we will discuss

  • What exactly do we mean by SafeGuarding and why is in important for education professionals?
  • Who are we SafeGuarding and exactly what dangers do we need to be looking out for?
  • What is the role of IT in the Safeguarding process?
  • How can we leverage the power of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to help monitor activity but at the same time balancing an individual’s right to privacy?
  • How are education institutions working with IT Security vendors such as LogPoint to confidentially monitor, report and conform to your safeguarding requirements?



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