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Why are parent-teacher relationships important?

Research finds poor parent relations can impact teachers' wellbeing. Teacher Tapp's Eve Debbage outlines how to improve this

Posted by Julian Owen | August 16, 2019 | Teaching

On 22 July, Ofsted published research highlighting the issues of low morale and wellbeing in teachers. Ofsted monitors all schools on behalf of the Department for Education, including overseeing the work of the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Teachers feel unsupported on classroom behaviour’ detailed how teachers in state and independent schools – as well as further education institutions – feel a distinct lack of support from school leaders and parents when tackling poor classroom behaviour.

Although the research found the majority of teachers love their profession, the overall wellbeing of many teachers is worrying. This low morale is due in part to a perceived insufficiency of resources and support from leaders and parents for managing pupil behaviour.

At a time when many people are walking out of teaching, thus contributing to the national shortage of qualified teachers, any factors that may damage their wellbeing are worth investigating and, where possible, eradicating.

Positive parent-teacher relationships are crucial to the success of individual pupils and schools as a whole. But why are these relationships so important and what can schools do to improve them?

For the full article, visit Independent Education Today where this article was originally published.

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