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From - 05 Jul 2018 08:00 to 05 Jul 2018 17:00

ILEC Conference Centre
47 Lillie Road
Complimentary for Schools and Public Sector
Starts 05 Jul

Join us at the Future Academies Summit 2018 to hear how you can raise standards through technology and procurement.


With the purchasing of IT equipment probably being the single most expensive resource procurement area (other than human, of course) for any Academy, it is essential that each and every one practice more effective, well-planned, procurement and ensure the very best value is achieved. Technology sourced, procured and used effectively and efficiently can help Academies deliver a better future for every child. Since the scope and challenges of school procurement is expanding at a time when the public purse is under great strain, there is an opportunity for Academies’ senior management to work more closely with finance and procurement professionals to address the wider procurement issues that Academies’ very success and future depends on. A more resolute approach will help Academies to maximise their performance. It will also help schools to focus their resources on boosting students’ outcomes - and deliver the ever-present objective of achieving best value for money in the longer-term.

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