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What we do

We help organisations use technology to achieve their long-term goals and objectives.
As an IT solutions provider specialising in the development of simple, secure IT, we enable organisations to collaborate to meet their objectives and to grow. Our services span end-user computing, data centre services, security and more.
Major public and private sector organisations and institutions depend on our technologies, solutions and services. We are a shared services provider to the UK government and military organisations.
We are a privately owned SME based in Oxfordshire, UK, and we work with national and international customers.

About us

UK universities and other educational establishments are navigating a fast-moving landscape, with virtual labs and other technology-based learning tools becoming the norm.
Students now expect more for their money, and many universities are struggling to deliver educational value in line with these rapid changes, with the dual aim of satisfying existing students and attracting new ones.
In addition to this challenge, research grants are as competitive as ever, and universities need to prove their technical capability and capacity for managing a research project.

How We Help: Our Approach
Universities and colleges face radical changes, the prospect of which can sometimes sit uncomfortably with an organisation's culture. Our approach takes into account not just technology, but also processes, people and cultural change, so that we can ease the transition and support your staff with the new processes and technologies.
Our global experience in education IT helps our higher education clients to align IT solutions with their business strategies, to improve their flexibility, efficiency and productivity, and drive advantage in a competitive market.


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