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What we do

Educators from around the world use Maplesoft technology for teaching, learning, and assessment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses. From teaching calculus to 11-year-olds to correctly placing thousands of students into courses best suited to their background and abilities, Maplesoft solutions apply to every aspect of academic life.

About us

Maplesoft has provided mathematics-based software solutions to educators, engineers, and researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for over 25 years.

Maplesoft offers unique solutions for STEM education to address the specialised requirements for delivery of STEM courses: MobiusTM is a comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses STEM. It is built on the notion that people learn by doing. With Möbius, your students can explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualise problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly. Throughout the entire lesson, students remain actively engaged with the material and receive constant feedback that solidifies their understanding. Maple T.A.™ is a powerful online testing and assessment system designed especially for courses involving mathematics. Its unparalleled abilities allow instructors to truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts, making it ideal for STEM courses.

Maple™ is maths software that combines the world's most powerful maths engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyse, explore, visualise, and solve mathematical problems. With Maple, you aren't forced to choose between mathematical power and usability, making it the ideal tool for both education and research.

MapleSim™ is an advanced system-level modelling and simulation tool that simplifies model development and provides greater insight into system behaviour, making it ideal for education in addition to being a powerful research tool. Maplesoft's software is currently used by 90% of higher education institutions across the world, a reflection of the strength and effectiveness of these solutions.


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Maplesoft - Head Office 615 Kumpf Drive Waterloo, ON N2V 1K8 Canada


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