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Health & wellbeing

Dairy delights

LIPA Primary School students learn about health benefits of dairy products from local company

Are your students overworked?

Mont Rose College asks, what can schools and colleges do to encourage a balanced schedule?

We are what we eat

Healthy eating habits need to change nationally and primary school is the perfect place to sta...

Study reveals 30,000 fewer children bullied in last 10 years

Government report shows plummeting bullying rates in schools

Support for education staff - because adults get bullied too

Education Support Partnership back Anti Bullying Week, highlighting the support they provide t...

Mental health problems caused by school bullying

Anti-Bullying Week: National Children's Bureau finds serious consequences for children from bu...

How mindfulness can be a solution for every child

Graham Doke discusses mental health awareness in schools

More want to learn sign language than French and German

Survey finds 12.7 million people in the UK want to learn British Sign Language

Dyspraxia - is it a battle of the sexes?

National charity calls for greater awareness of dyspraxia among women as new survey shows they...

Spotlight on ADHD at November conference

A host of international experts to speak at ADHD Foundation Conference 2015

Dyspraxia - is it a battle of the sexes?

Awareness week from the Dyspraxia Foundation sheds light on difference in diagnosis rates

Ambitious about Autism runs training for college transition

Finished at School supports young people with autism to move from school to college

Nursing cuts will affect childrens' health, officials warn

Industry comments on school nurse numbers in UK schools

Are UK children amongst the unhappiest in the world?

Report from The Children's Society shows England ranks 14 out of 15 in terms of overall life s...

Coaching programme for young people with autism

HMRC and Department for Work and Pensions provide work experience for young people with autism...

UK play industry seeks views on local play facilities

New #nowhere2play campaign from API asks public to shine a light on inadequate playgrounds

Personal and social skills crucial to social mobility

PSHE Association highlights the role of non-academic skills in future earnings shown in Sutton...

SEN pupils account for seven in 10 permanent exclusions

DfE exclusion stats show SEN pupils have highest rate of permanent exclusion

Finished at School helps young people get into FE

Ambitious about Autism and Department for Education work to help students with autism continue...

Why abolishing homework won't stop teenage stress

Dr Raj Kumar offers advice to improve students' wellbeing, strengthen stress coping mechanisms...

Young carers feel double the pressure at exam time

Exams can be tough, but for young people juggling their studies with a caring role, life can b...

Confronting the big C

Laura Rentoul explores the importance of discussing cancer openly and ensuring support is in p...

MCMA wins anti-bullying award

Manchester academy named 'School of the Month' and congratulated by Vamps guitarist

A mindful approach

Dame Dana Ross-Wawrzynski, CEO of the Bright Futures Educational Trust, explains why mindfulne...

Beating exam stress

Amy Jackson looks at ways teachers and staff can help students deal with the stresses and stra...