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Kent Academies Network students get top uni offers

The scheme supports bright students from underprivileged backgrounds into university

How the cloud can place learners at the heart of MATs

Nick Wilson, MD, Public Sector, Health and Care at Advanced, explains how information systems ...

New partnership sparks foreign language speaker drive

Foreign language speakers are being offered a career change in a unique partnership between th...

Become an RSPCA class that cares!

Schools in Kent will be the first to benefit from a trailblazing programme run by the RSPCA to...

17,645 teachers across London will lose their jobs by 2020

The most deprived areas are going to be hit the hardest by the cuts

Strong leaders are like good wine, they improve with age

Teachers keen to climb the career ladder should not rush the process, counsels Joanne Harper

Junior school pupils get a taste of university

Groundbreaking partnership is underway between University of Glasgow and Kelvinside Academy

Shy students miss out on science, research finds

Teachers claim a lack of science facilities and equipment means introverted students stay at t...

Creating a playful atmosphere boosts achievement

Adapting teaching to encourage students to develop 'engineering habits of mind' improves stude...

Training is critical to tackle the teacher retention crisis 

Diana Dewing, Managing Director of training company Thrive, explores the need for CPD in teach...

Is marking a dying art?

Hilary Moriarty discusses whether marking is still relevant to today's teachers

New Head of Academy appointed at Bournville School

Joanne Cottle will take up the post at Bournville School after spending 10 years at Trinity Hi...

Why budget cuts don't need to spell the end of edtech

By Janice Prandstatter, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Promethean

Parents in the dark over kids' education, study finds

33% feel that overburdened teachers don't have enough time to keep parents updated

Negative perceptions

Accenture research finds that negative perceptions and poor understanding of career options le...

Teaching crisis addressed by Strategic Workforce Planning

Baljinder Kuller, MD of The Supply Register, discusses how procurement issues are at the heart...

Education's IT Thing

Schools highlight urgent need for teacher CPD in EdTech in major BESA report

Lloyds to introduce coding to primary schools

Lloyd's Banking Group collaborate with Clever Tykes to teach coding

Creativity challenge

Over half of Generation Z feel unprepared for the future, according to Adobe study

Model citizens at St Margaret's Academy

St Margaret's Academy has launched an enhanced 'citizenship programme', in support of its care...

Shanghai teachers teach Maths at primary school

The teaching exchange is to help teachers introduce Mastery into UK schools

The importance of hands on learning in education

Alex Dalton, Managing Director of woodworking machinery specialists Daltons Wadkin, takes a lo...

Viva la resolution!

Teaching is a new years resolution for many in the January jobs market, Google Trends data sho...

New scheme introduces 3-yr-olds to engineering

The 'Enjoyment to Employment' initiative was created to keep children excited about engineerin...

The power of spaced repetition

Wranx is a learning platform that your school will want to use over and over again

Sir Lenny Henry launches On Demand in Schools Primary 

The second phase of the National Theatre's digital initiative for schools to access theatre on...

Bill Gates unveils Youth Grand Challenges

British Science Association and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announce new education i...

Mastery in maths can work in UK classrooms

Research shows that the 'Singapore' approach to teaching maths can boost motivation and engage...

Advice for new teachers

New to teaching? Don't panic! We have some tips to get you started...

Demand to fill vacancies is harming teaching quality

Teacher quality is falling as need to fill vacancies increases, study finds

Abingdon Primary School Science Partnership

Five primary schools in Abingdon achieved national recognition for commitment to improving sci...

Teachers must cultivate confidence in girls, study finds

Teachers need to encourage girls no matter how confident they appear, the Girls' Day School Tr...

Surrey school builds own bank to tackle teacher crisis

The Magna Carta School is dealing with the teacher crisis by creating its own bank of supply t...

1 in 3 say school didn't prepare them for adult life

Those surveyed said they wished they'd learned more practical life lessons at school

250,000 school days lost to teacher stress over the last year

Stress levels reach tipping point in classrooms, with 1 in 5 teachers considering resigning

Parents undecided on apprenticeships

Parents say apprenticeships lead to career success but are poorly paid

Which? launches Junior University

Which? partners with the Transformation Trust to deliver a programme introducing 14-15 year ol...

Northern Education Trust is performing well, new study shows

Teachers, pupils and parents rated the Trust across several criteria

New University Technical Colleges open

11 UTCs opened across the UK this September, offering new opportunities to young people

Designing the skills we need for the future

Joanne Harper, Principal at UTC Reading, looks at the changes ahead for the academies sector